The Exterior of the New Jeep Compass

The new Jeep Compass has been turning heads. The exterior design has been updated and now looks like a sleek, sporty SUV with a lot of room on the inside. The exterior design is austere with a bit of rugged functionality built into it. The Compass was designed to be an economic yet rugged vehicle that can take on off-roading at a whim, while still getting to the office with plenty of gas to spare.

One of the reasons the Compass is such a steal is the design is so functional and safe at the same time. There are a lot of new driver safety features with this latest design, including the LED head lamps and fog lights, as well as a new grill design that is pretty sporty. You can also see the different trims and their design styles, including ones with more window space as it stretches back to an almost wrap-around panoramic view.

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