The Importance of Your Vehicle's Transfer Case

Many people drive 4WD or AWD vehicles, but most don’t know about the transfer case and the crucial role it plays. Regularly having your transfer case fluid changed is an important part of keeping your vehicle driving properly throughout the Dinuba, CA region.

The transfer case is a gearbox in 4WD and AWD vehicles that spreads the power from the engine between the vehicle’s axles and wheels. The gears contained in the transfer case require lubrication fluid to run smoothly. The fluid breaks down over time and needs replacement. If your transfer case has a leak, the fluid levels can drop. If your vehicle is having trouble getting into 4WD/AWD mode, it is important to have the fluid checked and replaced.

The vehicle manufacturer provides a recommended transfer fluid case replacement schedule. The qualified service people at our Dinuba service department can inspect and change your fluid to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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