Ram ProMaster City's Capability

Ram ProMaster City is your go-to ride. With a best-in-class capacity of 131.7 civic feet and cargo width of 48.4 inches, you can load it up easily. Nimble enough to be a minivan, it’s attractive and reliable.

Ram ProMaster City fits your workload and recreational pursuits. Outstanding windshield design gives the best view of the road. Heated panel mirrors and excellent turning radius combine with a back-up camera for easy parking.

This Ram carries up to 150 pounds on its roof, space for bicycles, skis and other sports equipment. Towing capacity is 2,000 pounds to accommodate almost any load.

Good looking and affordable, this wide-body van comes highly recommended. Owners are impressed with the low floor height and Class III receiver hitch.

Choose body style, color, engine power and customize with available features. Front wheel drive insures traction, low center of gravity makes a comfortable ride on any hard surface.



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