SUVs don't always receive credit for their fuel economy. Models like the Dodge Journey, a popular mid-sized SUV, do provide good numbers on fuel consumption. The Journey even stands about from many competitors, which is nice to know considering how high fuel prices are lately.

The basic stats on the Dodge Journey reveal a vehicle that gets up to 19 miles per gallon in the city. On the highway, where the stop-and-go traffic is removed, the vehicle scores about 25 mpg. Considering the overall size of the Dodge Journey, the numbers are impressive.

The figures change a little when the owner chooses different engine options. With the V6 engine, the highway mileage stays the same, but city mileage drops to 17. All-wheel-drive is slightly lower on both.

Find out how the Dodge Journey handles on roads and highways. The team here at Jim Manning Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram would love for you to take one out on a test drive.



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