You may or may not see a racing stripe on a Dodge Durango, as that's an optional exterior feature. Other well-known features to the popular mid-sized SUV are more apparent, such as the outstanding grille design. Shoppers looking for a new SUV may find this model to be one of Dodge's most impressive offerings.

Mounting things on top of the vehicle shouldn't be a hassle. An available roof rack, available thanks to a deal with Mopar and Thule, boosts the cargo-carrying capacity. And remember, the roof rack comes in addition to the massive interior cargo space.

Keyless entry makes getting into the car a smoother process. As long as you're carrying the key fob, the door handle will open thanks to your grip. Settings allow you to limit this function to the driver door only.

The truth about the Dodge Durango becomes apparent on a test drive in Dinuba. Visit or call our dealership to set one up.


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