When it comes to winterizing your car there are many things that people do each year such as add winter grade antifreeze to their radiator and replace their standard windshield wipers with winter wiper blades. Something many people do not think about however is their gas tank. That's right there is something you should know about your vehicles gas tank during the winter months to prevent you from being stuck.

If you do not keep your gas tank close to full in the winter months there is an increased risk that condensation will not only build up inside of your tank but that it could also lead to your fuel lines freezing. This isn't only bad for your car, but also for you because you won't be going anywhere anytime soon if this happens.

To prevent this it is recommended that instead of allowing your tank to get close to empty that you keep it at least half full at all times. Here at Jim Manning Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram hope that this information helped you and that you will share it with others!

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